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The best time-saving measure a gardener or groundskeeper can take is applying mulch. This goes for every garden site, from vegetable garden to flower bed. Mulched gardens are healthier, more weed free, and more drought-resistant then unmulched gardens, so you'll spend less time watering, weeding, and fighting pest problems, more importantly mulch can add to the beauty of your property .


There are two rules for using organic mulches to combat weeds. Lay the mulch down on soil that is already weeded, and lay down a thick enough layer to discourage new weeds from coming up through it. It can take a 4- to 6-inch layer of mulch to completely discourage weeds, although a 2- to 3-inch layer is usually enough in shady spots where weeds aren't as troublesome as they are in full sun.


We have three premium blends of mulch designed to enrich your soil and provide beauty to your property.


West Blend Mulch -

Our West Blend product is the best premium all organic compost style mulch which acts as a soil conditioner for all your planting needs. It is rich and very dark in color with no artificial coloring. It will maintain its color all season long. When moist or wet, it turns black color. When dry, it is a very dark chocolate color. It will not bleach out. It will naturally breakdown into the soil by the beginning of your next season.


Premium Dark Mulch -

It is an all natural mulch, rich and blackish in color. It is a mix of root mulch, hard & soft woods and other organic material. There is no bleaching.


Hardwood Blend Mulch -

A rich, dark in color mulch. Fine and fluffy in texture that does not bleach out like regular mulch. It is a mixture of native tree wood from our region.


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