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Introducing Our... DIAMOND Z TUB GRINDER



Do you need help with site clean-up or processing organic debris? Give us a call! We’re experts in grinding, transporting and removing debris from your yard or job site!

We have one of the largest, most productive grinders on the market.  Powered by a 1,000 horse power engine and a 14' Tub, this machine can tackle even the largest grinding jobs and help get them done ahead of schedule and under budget. This machine can go where no other machine can.

Developers, builders and municipalities can incorporate the use of grinding and shredding equipment at their building sites or they haul their waste material to our facility.  We can grind your materials at our facility.  For larger jobs we recommend that we transport our grinder to your site. The results are immediate savings in disposal of recyclable products  The processing of organic materials such as tree stumps, leaves, etc are turned into landscaping and fill products that can be used at your project or hauled away.


All organic waste that comes to our facility is processed and sold as mulch, soil landscaping and construction use. We do not consider anything as waste. All organic waste products are recycled into something useful in and put back into the earth.

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